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Classic Word Search (Android)

FREE Penny Dell Classic Word Search App 
from the #1 puzzle publisher.

Product Features

  • Contains 65 fun word search puzzles!

  • TOUCHtoSOLVE technology provides an engaging and entertaining puzzle-solving experience.

  • Includes top-quality puzzles from Penny Press and Dell Magazines – the #1 puzzle publisher!

PuzzleNation's Penny Dell Classic Word Search featuring TOUCHtoSOLVE™ technology and offering puzzles from Penny Press and Dell Magazines, the leading creators and editors of traditional puzzle magazines.

Getting started is easy – the words on the list are hidden in the diagram of letters. Search for them by reading forward, backward, up, down and diagonally, always in a straight line. Do not skip over any letters. Some of the letters in a diagram are used in more than one word and some are not used in any words.

When you locate a word in the diagram, draw a loop around it by dragging your finger from one end of the word to the other. Correct words will be looped in the diagram and crossed off on the word list for you.

You get the superior editorial quality Penny Press and Dell Magazines is known for, in a dynamic format designed to maximize your Word Search solving enjoyment.